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Editor’s note: this is an edited transcript of a talk at the 2014 Earth at Risk capitalism and sociopathy panel.  View the Unknown Armies RPG Weep Six Scenarios of Woe and Ruin,.

     by Stephanie McMillan, Talisman Second Edition Board Game - Boxed and Complete,, and Charles Derber

Monte Cook The Strange Worlds Numberless and Strange HC MINT,Games Workshop Job Lot 32 Vintage Metal 40k Space Marine Army Figures Painted,.Monolito Necron - Necron Monolith WARHAMMER 40K 40000,. It is very important that we do. I am going to get into some of the more structural aspects.

We all know that capitalism is killing the world. In order to stop it, we can’t just keep resisting its effects.Paranoia RPG Second Edition Box Set - West End Games 12001 1987,. That just proves how democratic they are. The solutions are not to be found within its framework. And they are even less to be found at the individual level.TSR Dragon Magazine Monkish Combat, The Alchemist Mag VG,.VAULT OF THE DROW AD&D adventure D3 TSR 9021 Advanced Dungeons & Dragons,.Warhammer - LOTR - 28x Warriors and Riders of Rohan - Exc Con Free Post ,.

Fantasy Flight Games FFGSWX01 Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game,

25mm ACW confederate - regt. 15 figures - inf (32243),.25mm medieval crusader - military order knights plastic 12 figs - cav (32698),.15mm napoleonic russian - line 24 figures - inf (23890),. But what they produce is worth more than that.Chessex Polyhedral 7-dice Set Lot of 16 Different Vortex Cirrus Gemini Mini New,. This is what all profit is based on. This is what private property is all about.Games Workshop Epic 40k Eldar Fire Prism Grav Tanks x3 Metal Mint OOP GW 6mm B2,.

Stormbringer RPG White Wolf Temples Demons and Ships of War GOOD Cond Hawkmoon,.2011 Scotling Fantasy Football Dwarf Team Scottish Gnome Imp Dwarven Scotlings,.Epic 40k Land Raider Detachment,.Pelgrane Trail of Cthulhu Eternal Lies HC MINT,.WW2 EUROPE WACO GLIDER 28mm N092 Laser Cut MDF,.Superb 15mm Medieval Knights ADLG FoG DBMM,.25mm ACW union - american civil war cavalry - cav (12375),.

Citadel Shattered Dominion 25mm & 32mm Round Bases,. The second is for when ideological domination fails.L'ultima Torcia - Gioco di Ruolo Fantasy - ITALIANO,.OOP Warhammer Historical Ancient Battles THE ART OF WAR 2006 Ref MW003,. If we don‘t comply, that’s when the guns come out. We saw that with the Occupy movement.Games Workshop, The Hobbit Limited Edition Escape From Goblin Town BNIB OOP.,.

Star Wars Legion 74-Z Speeder Bikes Unit Expansion,. It‘s because they took it.FURIOSO DIMENSION SIX Dungeons & Dragons SCENARIO RARE 1980 1008 VNC D&D HISTORY,. This is still the way that mercantile capitalists accumulate wealth.Games Workshop Mordheim Ogre Bodyguard Ogres Well Painted Skaven Casualty Base,.Call of Cthulhu CthulhuTech Damnation View,. They justified this by saying that the people will get jobs. They‘d be able to work in the new factories and hotels.5 solos mage assassin arcanist artificer soulless ghost sniper {16} (15476),.

Sideshow Collectibles Space Marine Bredher Rhamiel,.15mm ACW union - bluee moon regt. 24 figures - inf (28824),.25mm dark ages ghaznavid - infantry 25 figs - inf (10819),.Games Workshop Lord of the Rings King Halbarad LoTR Metal Gondor Grey Company GW,.Toy Ironing Set By Casdon Includes Ironing Board Clothes Airer & toy Iron NEW,.CONgreenED BLOODBOWL CHAOS DAEMON PRINCE STAR PLAYER PAINTED (1076),.10mm WW1 french - battle group - inf (15003),.

25mm ECW royalist - pike & shot 16 figures - inf (23130),. They are the only ones able to offer an alternative to capitalism. Other classes can resist, but can‘t break the framework.10 RPG Earthtone Dry-Erase Dungeon Tiles Set (9pcs) Roll 4 Initiative 45011 D&D,. We are all social agents, born into a structure that we didn‘t create.Paizo D&D 3.5 Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Magic Hardcover,.Boite et blister de cadians- 1995-W40K-collector,. And it treats living beings, including humans, as objects. It has no moral or ethical framework, because it‘s not alive.

Nevertheless, it does have a motion, drive and imperative of its own. Its only aim is self-expansion.White Wolf Mage The Awak Mage - The Awakening Player’s Collection - 7 B Box VG+,.Lot of 15 D&D Dungeon Tile Sets,.Star Wars RPG - Age of Rebellion - Desperate Allies Sourcebook,.AD&D PLANESCAPE Planes of Law Boxed Set (NR MINT+),.28mm flintloque fantasy Ostarian artillery (as photo) {16} (20435),. But it is animate, thorough and embodied in its representatives. It has imbued them with its own sociopathy.

10mm roman era late roman - heavy 24 figures - cav (27685),. And that‘s why it‘s ecocidal.Tiefling Necromancer 40 - Savage Encounters D&D Miniatures NM D&D,. All that must be based on the production of physical goods.Skaven Team + Mutants Team Bloodbowl OOP,.Epic 40k Tyranid Swarm Titan Legions Space Marine Warhammer,.TARSUS - GDW TRAVELLER RPG BOX SET - GDW - 1983,.

Superbly painted 28mm Napoleonic French Line Battalion,. This would of course mean its own destruction as well.20mm modern middle east - 2 vehicles (as photo) - vehicle (32547),. We still may have this choice to make, but that window is closing.25mm biblical syrian - archers 16 figures - inf (23409),.New MERP Middle Earth Ents of Fangorn 3500 FACTORY SEALED,.

Chaos Sorcerer - Wraith with Pole Arm. LE Promo PR10 GW,Pagan Publishing Call of Cthulhu Coming Full Circle,.OMAHA BEACHHEAD - board game,.Razor Coast Collectors Edition Real Leather Frog God Games Pathfinder,.1994 Chaos Dwarf Bloodbowl 3rd Edition Hobgoblin 4 Citadel Fantasy Football Team,.Latex Bone Effect Sword - LARP Weaponry - Ideal For Roleplay Events Games,.

I want to say one more thing. The tragedy of the commons just pisses me off. That essay by Garrett Hardin in 1968, it’s such a lie.15mm napoleonic generic - mixed painted 26 figures - cav (25947),.28MM LORDS KNIGHTS TENT - 'PAINTED TO COLLECTORS STANDARD',.Brush Set Brush Set Essential Pinselauswahl Brush,. But this is complete bullshit. What that is, is a tragedy of the failure of community.

Pathfinder Rpg Shadows Over Vathak Player's Guide To Vathak FBG 1001,.Power Rangers Mighty Morphin Movie Legacy Morpher power Morpher bluee Toy Toys,. And if they did it again, they‘d burn down their house.Outee 140 Pcs Polyhedral Dice Set DND Dice 20 color Complete Dice and Dice Se...,.


6mm Roman Era roman - early legionaries 190 figures - inf (22683),.” It was great, because the entire audience was silent.Ice Merp Assassins Of Dol Amredh,.ACHTUNG CTHULHU KEEPERS GUIDE - CALL OF SAVAGE WORLDS MYTHOS RPG ROLEPLAYING,.” That‘s all.

65mm napoleonic american - john jenkins 1812 1 figure - cav (25260),25mm dark ages anglo-saxon - slingers 12 figures - inf (33662),.15mm ACW union - regiment 21 figures - cav (23997),. He said there is “father capital and mother earth.Warhammer fantasy boxed game Books Models Instructions,.Ork 40k Battleforce Kult of Speed,. That the solution to climate change is more capitalism.


Afrika Korps Bolt Action Warlord Games 28mm, There is really no way to reform it or fix it.10 PLASTIC WARHAMMER CHAOS HOUNDS WELL PAINTED (346),. The rails are constructed that way, the whole system is born that way. It’s not something that can be restrained or reformed or fixed. It is not broken. It‘s doing exactly what has been predicted for the last 200 years.

The accumulation of capital is an inevitable process.10mm WW2 russian - tanks (as photo) - vehicles (33815),.15mm Demi Cuirassiers 30yrs English Civil War Renaissance lot a,. We have to first recognize it as our enemy.15mm medieval generic - Knights 18 Cavalry - cav (A1164),.

Pathfinder RPG - Hells Rebels 5 - Breaking the Kintargo Contract,. Yes, there have been attempts at other systems that have failed. But these were babies, trying to learn how to walk.Savage Worlds World Of Solomon Kane Rpg,. We evolved as collective beings. We are not like this.TSR ADVANCED DUNGEON DRAGON Forgotten Realms 2ndEdition SIX Books adventures etc,. This is our nature.

40K Warhammer Chaos Space Marines Terminators NIB Sealed,. Take over.WOTC Forgotten Realms Legacy of the Green Regent d20 RPGA Humility SC EX,. That is not an impossible dream.10 warhammer 40k dungeon dragons soldier warrior painted plastic figures,.Radiance House Pathfinder Grimoire of Lost Souls HC MINT,.

It is not going to be utopia, of course.HCD Game Mat Table Mat - Dragon Dancer NM,. But that’s not an antagonistic conflict; we can work it out.SHATTERED STATES EMS,.

TSR Basic D&D Rules Cyclopedia HC Fair+,28mm ROMAN warehouse dark wood prepainted kit,. You tell me, how often you have seen in the New York TimesWarhammer 40,000 Harlequin Skyweavers GW 58-11 NIB,.25mm marlburian bavarian - dragoons 8 figures - cav (35498),. That‘s the bad news.Iron Kingdoms RPG 1st Ed Liber Mechanika,.Learning Resources New Sprouts Grow it My Very Own Garden Set,.

Dungeons & Dragons - Dungeon Master Guide,.Warlord Games Blood Red Skies Mosquito squadron set,. So, there is a resonance. When do people become receptive to ideas?

Galactic Empire Conversion Kit Star Wars X-Wing 2nd Edition Brand New FFGSWZ07,.Call of Cthulhu Cthulhu Casebook,. And in a sense, there is a resonance to that.Games Workshop Battlefleet Gothic Eldar Hellebore Frigate New Metal OOP Escorts,.Warhammer Age of Sigmar Stormcast Eternals Dracothian Guard GW 96-24 NIB,.Aleguzzler Gargant Warhammer Age of Sigmar NIB,.

The Reed Richards Guide to Everything - Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game TSR,. We have to be really smart, and I mean that in an emotional way.25mm napoleonic french - infantry 12 figs - inf (18278),. It‘s a little bit like an abused child.

Adeptus Titanicus Reaver Titan with Melta Cannon 20% off UK rrp,.Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition RPG - Doors to Darkness,.Break From Reality Gripmat World Map (24 x 48) MINT,I can let go of that and actually get rid of it, because it has been destroying my life.

Dungeons & dragons d&d Game mat dark sun campaign world,Battletech Roleplaying Game - Combat Manual Mercenaries Sourcebook,.Start Collecting Beastclaw Raiders 70-86,. And the split is where their fundamental loyalty is.

1995 Epic Tyranid Bio Titan Hierodule 3 Games Workshop Warhammer Army 6mm 40K GW,. And the loyalty of Tom Friedman is to capitalism.TSR ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS WIZARD SPELL CARDS OVER 400 CARDS D&D 9356 1992,.” It‘s the same thing with capitalism.Warhammer Quest board game 100% complete, unpainted, prime condition [ENG, 1995],.

Adeptus Mechanicus Kastelan Robots New Adeptus Mechanicus,SECTOR IMPERIALIS LARGE BASE DETAIL KIT - WARHAMMER 40K - GAMES WORKSHOP,.10mm WW2 german - battle group (as photo) - inf (33838),.WHFRP FLOOR PLANS, BOX SETS MULTI-LISTING,.Onyx Path Demon the Descent Stoyteller's Guide HC NM,. This is the realm of possibility.Warhammer Epic Imperial Guard Deathstrike Missile Launcher,.

Warhammer jdr le nouvel apocryphe, I agree that people are discontented. They understand that something is wrong.HINCHLIFFE 25 28mm PAINTED & BASED WATERLOO NAPOLEONIC PRUSSIAN LANDWEHR X 16,.Conan RPG Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of Hardcover ADD'L ITEMS SHIP FREE,.GHOSTBUSTERS HOT RODS OF THE GODS SEALED West End Adventure Module Roleplaying,. We have to fight back against this!”

“Yeah we do!” is a very common response.TSR Dark Sun City-State of Tyr SC VG+,. There is no easy formula for it.BOLT ACTION BRITISH 1000 POINT STARTER ARMY WWII NEW AND SEALED,.Arca Fantasma Apocalisse dei Necron - Necron Ghost Ark WARHAMMER 40K 40000,. Organizing people means building relationships. If you can‘t find an organization that you agree with just start one. A conversation with one person, that’s how it starts.Blood Bowl Neomics Punk Ogre, Troll and Minotaur (metal),.Doctor Who The Silurian Age RPG Hardcover Book Cubicle7 Seven,.

I know people don‘t like that, but you really need them. And you need to have study, and you need to have action. And that action is widely varied. Even going out and talking to people, that‘s an action. That’s how we start.Games Workshop 40K Terminators Marines and Scouts 38 figures plus parts,. There is no other way to do it.

20mm modern british - personel carrier - vehicles (35769),25mm roman era roman legionaries 24 figures infantry {3} (21644),. Germany lost WWII before it started.28mm Napoleonic Polish Line Inf, ProPainted,. That‘s the point of war.25mm Warhammer Fantasy Scenery Pro painted Balewind Vortex,. We‘re not quite there yet.

25mm medieval generic - halberdiers 24 figs - inf (13149),.WOTC D&D 4E PLAYERS STRATEGY GUIDE DUNGEONS & DRAGONS RPG VGC HB HC,. Every time a river floods, it changes course.2017 Pathfinder Bestiary 6 1st Printing RPG D&D,. But she said that‘s what rivers do, they change course all the time.

25mm roman era roman - late auxiliaries 18 figs infantry - inf (22063),. And as soon as she said that to me I got chills, thinking Why do we stay in bad relationships? Because we are afraid of the short term loss for long term gain.MARVEL SUPER HEROES CAT'S PAW MH-5 6857 ALPHA FLIGHT FACTORY SEALED NEW,.15mm AWI russian - Russian 29 Infantry & Gun - inf (SV825),.25mm medieval turkish - seljuk archers 36 figs - inf (14916),. This is a huge, very real barrier that we face.

Break From Reality Gripmat Bamboo (24 x 48 ) SW,

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